ISBN-13: 9781839130106

RRP: £7.99

Published: 6th May 2021

Length: 112 Pages

The Train Mouse

When Nibbles, an inquisitive young mouse, scampers onto a waiting train at the local station, little does he know he is about to be swept along on a cross-country adventure. Nibbles travels across his homeland of Germany, picks up a new friend in Switzerland, samples the delights of French cuisine in Paris and finally ends up as the star performer in a circus in England! But then Nibbles begins to feel homesick. How will one little mouse find his way home again?

Translated by Rachel Ward.


"Thoroughly charming, this is a great little book and perfect for shared or solo reading"

"How storyteller Uwe Timm can put himself in the minds of mice borders on the miraculous"
World on Sunday

"An adventurous journey with an unpredictable ending . . . Mousomental!"
Hits for Kids

"A pleasurable story with stunning illustrations, perfect for reading aloud"

"A great independent reading book"
The School Librarian