ISBN-13: 9781787612440

RRP: £5.82

Published: 4th August 2022

The Upside Down River: Hannah's Journey

Hannah has lost almost everything she ever loved, apart from one beautiful songbird. But the bird seems to be dying. So Hannah sets out on an incredible adventure to find the magical upside down River Qjar, whose waters can give her beloved bird eternal life. She journeys across deserts and over dizzyingly high mountains, lives an entire lifetime in the blink of an eye, braves the terrifying Forest of Oblivion, and is mistaken for a long-lost princess.
And along the way, Hannah meets Tomek, an ordinary boy who will follow her extraordinary quest...

A sequel to Tomek's Journey, this modern classic is now available to read in English for the very first time.

Translated by Ros Schwartz.