ISBN-13: 9781842706077

RRP: £6.99

Published: 6th March 2008

Length: 32 Pages

  • Paperback


"WHY?" is Lily's favourite word. She asks it all the time. Her dad tries to give her sensible answers but sometimes he just gets cross. Then, one afternoon in the park, something rather unusual happens - something that makes Lily's dad very proud of her indeed...


"Children and parents will cackle with recognition at this story of Lily who likes to ask questions...Camp and Ross have the knack of making stories like real life, but much funnier."

The Bookseller

"Children aged 4 and over will love the book, identifying with the heroine and enjoying the slightly scary nature of the aliens in a safe way. It's a great book to read aloud, and reminds you to have fun each time your child asks 'Why?'."
Write Away

"Why? has Tony Ross pictures in his terrific crayon style"
School Librarian

"This much-loved team has come up with another hilarious story...Great story and lovely illlustrations...The children loved it."
Rhodes, Liz - The Teacher