ISBN-13: 9781849399357

RRP: £4.99

Published: 5th July 2012

Length: 192 Pages

Dora at Follyfoot

The Colonel, owner of Follyfoot, the Home of Rest for Horses, has been ill and has to go away to convalesce. Dora and Steve are left in charge, with the strict instruction, 'Don't buy any horses'. But when Dora sees the rangy, cream-coloured lame horse, Amigo, she is determined to save him from spending his last days pulling a heavy log-cart - even if it means borrowing money from sly Ron Stryker. But to pay Ron back, someone from Follyfoot must win the Moonlight Pony Steeplechase . . .


"Invitingly readable good-hearted stories."
The School Librarian

"Another gem from the Follyfoot series. They're well-written with good plots and will delight any horse lover."
The Bookbag

"A thoroughly enjoyable book which will hopefully be loved by a whole new generation of devoted readers."
Stephen Clark - Redwings Horse Sanctuary website

"Little girls will love it, and no doubt their mothers will enjoy a moment of nostalgia as they reread this old favourite. This is an intriguing and at times exciting tale."
Armadillo Magazine

"Another in the series of invitingly readable good-hearted stories."
The School Librarian