ISBN-13: 9781787612501

RRP: £7.49

Published: 3rd August 2023

Finding Phoebe

'Totally enchanting, warm and funny' Ciara Smyth, author of Not My Problem
‘Neurodiversity has a voice, and it’s witty and uplifting and enlightening all at once’ Jasper Fforde, author of The Eyre Affair
'A lovely book' Graeme Simsion, author of The Rosie Project

Longlisted for the Branford Boase Award

Phoebe is autistic. She prefers to stay in her comfort zone: walking her dog, writing fantasy fiction, surviving school with as few incidents as possible.

When her best (and only) friend rebels and gets a secret boyfriend, Phoebe reluctantly agrees to cover for her. Before long, Phoebe’s dealing with all sorts of things she’d rather not, like deception, fashionable jackets, and the bewildering politics of the school chess club. Breaking the rules has never been Phoebe’s thing, but as events take a seriously unexpected turn, she realises there’s more to her than she ever imagined . . .


"Phoebe’s distinctive voice – filled with both yearning and intelligent analysis – is the great strength of this novel and is one of the finest examples I’ve encountered in YA fiction of depicting neurodiversity as genuine difference, rather than as disability or superpower… This is an utterly gorgeous book"
Claire Hennessy - Irish Times

"A uniquely funny, poignant and delightful coming-of-age story"
Imogen Russell Williams - Guardian

"A beautifully crafted character study and a compelling and very funny friendship story"
Irish Independent

"Neurodiversity has a voice, and it's witty and uplifting and enlightening all at once"
Jasper Fforde

"A lovely book"
Graeme Simsion