ISBN-13: 9781839131769

RRP: £7.99

Published: 2nd November 2023

Length: 32 Pages

Home for Grace

Nominated for the Carnegie Medal for Illustration

A powerful and compassionate introduction to homelessness, and the need for kindness, understanding and friendship.
No one knows who Grace is. One day, she appeared in a shop doorway in a sleeping bag, with a cat called Luna, surrounded by strange things. When Jess and her mum strike up a friendship with Grace, Jess has questions: why did she leave her home? Does she have enough to eat? And what happens when the cold weather comes?
'Compassionate and warm, with charming illustrations' The Bookseller


"Compassionate and warm, with charming illustrations"
The Bookseller

"Beautifully told and illustrated, this is a tender and thoughtful story about homelessness and the reasons for it"

"A tender and poignant story, which will help to explain homelessness, asylum seekers, and poverty to young children in a gentle, empathetic way"
The School Librarian