ISBN-13: 9781839133213

RRP: £7.99

Published: 6th April 2023

Length: 40 Pages

The Corgi and the Queen

Can one dog help a young princess learn how to become a beloved queen? The true and touching story of Queen Elizabeth II and her first corgi, Susan.
As a young girl, Elizabeth's life changed for ever when her Papa was crowned King George VI and the family moved into Buckingham Palace. But one thing has never changed: she always has her corgis at her side. This is the story of her beloved first corgi, Susan, who accompanied Princess Elizabeth everywhere she went - even secretly riding in her glass carriage on her wedding day to Prince Philip! Susan was there for Elizabeth when her Papa died and she was crowned Queen Elizabeth II, and remained at her side as a faithful companion in her early years as a Queen and later as a mother. This picture book provides a fascinating window into the life of Queen Elizabeth II from princess to beloved Queen, told through her enduring love of corgis.


"Corry's adorable illustrations of corgis brighten the pages"
The Bookseller

"A sweet sidelight cast on Britain’s longest reigning monarch and her furry, four-legged retinue."

"the story of the Queen’s long life and reign is told through the special relationship she had with Susan, the first of her very own corgis ... Lydia Corry’s corgis brim with life and love"

"A charming picture book with beautiful illustrations and gentle words"
The School Librarian