ISBN-13: 9781849394604

RRP: £7.99

Published: 2nd August 2012

Length: 32 Pages

Rumbelow's Dance

Rumbelow is so excited to visit his grandparents that he can't help but dance all the way there. His dance is infectious, and it isn't long before a whole host of characters - including a lazy pig and a flock of geese - join him on his journey. But will Rumbelow's grandparents have enough tea to give to all his new friends?


"This picture book is a joyful jaunt featuring rhyme, lots of repetition and of course, Quentin Blake's characterful, colourful illustrations"

"This joyful Quentin Blake classic will set everyone skipping"

"Warm and reassuring...a delightful reminder about the power of happiness"
The Bookseller

"Quentin Blake at his glorious best . . . One of those list books that children absolutely love."
Readers Digest, Best of 2012