ISBN-13: 9781842709863

RRP: £5.99

Published: 6th January 2011

Length: 32 Pages

That's Not Funny!

One day, just for a joke, Hyena puts a banana skin on Giraffe's path. When Giraffe slips and collides with a tree, a chain of unfortunate events begins which involves all the other animals. Hyena laughs and laughs at their misfortune. But the other animals have the last laugh when Hyena gets a fitting comeuppance and trips up on his own joke!


"Adrian Reynolds' animated African animals are big, bold and brightly executed adding to the fun."
Jill Bennett - Books for Keeps

"Beautifully written text perfectly partnered with glorious, colourful animals...full of action and fun."
The School Librarian

"From the eye-catching cover on, this book does not disappoint. Great fun!"
Parents In Touch

"Big bright pictures mirror the text, climaxing with an evening silhouette when Hyena gets his just deserts."
Red House Children's Book Award