ISBN-13: 9781783447763

RRP: £11.99

Published: 4th July 2019

Length: 32 Pages

The Baby Beast

When an egg arrives on his doorstep, Beast doesn’t quite know what to do: feed it? Take it for a nice long walk? Drop it? Doctor Yoko tells him he must keep it warm and just wait, but exactly what he’s waiting for is a mystery to the Beast…
Side-splitting humour from award-winning Chris Judge: adults will recognise (some of) Beast’s first-time child-care mistakes, while children laugh out loud.
This is the fourth in the award-winning Beast series, following The Lonely Beast, The Brave Beast and The Snow Beast.

Praise for The Lonely Beast: 'Judge tells a familiar tale but illustrates it with uncommon style and verve.' New York Times


"This book about a single dad and his love for his little one is a real treat, filled with joy and warmth."
Irish Independent

"The Baby Beast is a brilliant bedtime read for all the family."
Irish Times

"Chris Judges's illustrations are both hilarious and perfect in every detail... a wonderful book with lots to discuss and share, and a perfect final page."
The School Librarian