ISBN-13: 9781849396196

RRP: £5.99

Published: 4th July 2013

Length: 192 Pages

  • Paperback

Anton and Piranha

OK, so going on holiday with your grandparents is not the coolest thing ever, but it's fine - Anton is planning to spend the summer in the pool. But then disaster strikes . . . their holiday camp DOES NOT HAVE A POOL! Instead it has a lake - a lake filled with murky, slimy, dark disgusting sludge - and Anton just can't understand why everybody else is so happy to dive-bomb and swim in it all day long.

Baking in the sun and dying of boredom away from the lake and the other young people on holiday, Anton has no idea how he's going to survive the holiday That is until he meets an unexpected friend . . .

A funny, quirky new character for boy readers. An Adrian Mole for a new generation.

Translated by Chantal Wright.

Anton and Piranha (Anton Taucht Ab) won the 2011 German Youth Literature Prize.


"An outstanding book"
The Bookbag

"A story about friendship in its unlikely of forms . . . handled sensitively and with humour"
Janie Philips - We Love This Book

"Seamlessly translated for the UK reader."
Books for Keeps

"Told with humour and insight into a young child's insecurities, this German children's literature prize-winning tale and its expressive illustrations will be enjoyed by readers of six and above"
The School Librarian