ISBN-13: 9781783443215

RRP: £7.99

Published: 1st October 2015

Length: 352 Pages

Mr Sparks

After his father goes missing in the Great War, Owen is abandoned to live with his cruel aunt, and wishes he could escape his life of drudgery in her small seaside guesthouse. There he meets a mysterious guest, who appears to make his ventriloquist’s dummy speak, even in his sleep.
Soon Owen realises that the dummy, Mr Sparks, can really talk – and he’s looking for a newer, younger puppetmaster. But Mr Sparks has a dark past . . .


"This is dark-hearted fun, macabre mischief and seriously spooky storytelling."

"This will certainly send shivers down the spine."
Andrea Reece, Lovereading

"A stirring adventure and a consideration of loneliness, survival and control."
Books for Keeps

"Creepily good"

"The book contains echoes of Frankenstein and Pinocchio: of distorted love and an obsessive quest."
The School Librarian