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Philip Caveney
Philip Caveney

Philip Caveney was born in 1951 in Prestatyn, North Wales. His father was in the R.A.F, so during his childhood his family moved to a new military base every couple of years.

He has had several adult thrillers published in the past but has now turned his hand successfully to children's books. He lives in Manchester with his wife.

Space Blasters

(Paperback) - 02/05/2013


Space Blasters RRP £5.99


The mysterious Mr Lazarus has helped Kip and his father completely change the fortunes of the small local cinema they own and run - but now Stephanie a local journalist is sniffing around, wanting to know how he's done it . . .

With the launch party for the huge space adventure movie, Space Blasters, approaching, Kip is desperate to keep Stephanie away. But when Mr Lazarus himself ends up stuck inside the film at the mercy of the evil Emperor Zarkan, Kip has no choice. He has to go in after him - to a galaxy far, far away . . .

  • Paperback
  • Published: 02/05/2013
  • ISBN: 9781849395724
  • Other Editions: eBook
  • Age Range: 9+ years