ISBN-13: 9781849394178

RRP: £5.99

Published: 3rd May 2012

Length: 240 Pages

Spy Another Day

After the thrills and spills of his adventure on Terror Island, Kip is reluctant to allow Mr Lazarus to send him into another movie - but Beth has other ideas, particularly when she discovers The Paramount Picture Palace is planning to show the latest film in the Jason Corder series, Spy Another Day. Its star, Daniel Crag, has always been Beth's favourite screen actor. When Mr Lazarus asks her to obtain Corder's ID card, she agrees to go in and Kip feels duty-bound to accompany her. But what should have proved a simple visit ends in disaster when Kip and Beth are separated and find themselves in different parts of the same film. Can they find their way through all the dangers of a spy movie and defeat the evil genius, Doctor Leo Kasabian, before the final credits roll and they are trapped there . . . forever?


"Plenty of Bond-like implausibility, adventure and invention here."
The School Librarian

"The thrills just keep on's a cracker!"

"Plenty of Bond-like adventure and invention"
The School Librarian