ISBN-13: 9781839131134

RRP: £7.99

Published: 4th November 2021

Length: 240 Pages

The Silent Stars Go By

‘Bittersweet perfection’ Guardian, Best Books of the Year
‘An engulfing historical novel’ The Times, Best Books of the Year
‘A festive classic in the making’ Observer, Best Books of the Year
Nominated for the Carnegie Medal

Three years ago, Margot’s life was turned upside down when her fiancé, Harry, went missing in action on the Western Front. Worse, she was left with a devastating secret which threatened to ruin her life and destroy the reputation of her family. As a respectable vicar’s daughter, Margot has had to guard that secret with great care ever since, no matter how much pain it causes her.

Now it’s Christmas 1919, and Margot’s family is gathering back home in the vicarage for the first time since the end of the Great War. And miraculously Harry has returned, hoping to see Margot and rekindle their romance. Can Margot ever reveal the shocking truth to the only man she has ever loved?


"Nuanced and evocative, this is bittersweet perfection"
Books of the Year, Guardian

"Sally Nicholls conjures another era with a miraculous lightness of touch that fills me with joy and envy. Her characters don't just leap off the page, they grab you by the collar, demand your sympathy and surprise you at every turn"
Frances Hardinge

"Gorgeously bittersweet, a festive classic in the making"
Books of the Year, Observer

"An engulfing historical novel"
Books of the Year, The Times

"A page-turner"
Books of the Year, Telegraph