ISBN-13: 9781783443772

RRP: £7.99

Published: 7th April 2016

Length: 288 Pages

Why I Went Back

Nominated for the Carnegie Medal.
Longlisted for the Branford Boase Award.
Aidan needs his bike to deliver all the mail his postman dad’s been hoarding since his mum was sectioned. But his bike’s just been stolen.
In the early morning, Aidan chases after the thieves, hellbent on getting it back. When he reaches the abandoned factory where they’ve stashed his bike, he has moments to grab it and escape. But he finds more than just stolen goods. There’s a mysterious prisoner chained to the floor.
This is the story of why Aidan goes back.
Recalling Alan Garner and Susan Cooper, Why I Went Back is a dark tale of magic, myth and undelivered mail.


"Extraordinary… tense, magical thriller"
Amanda Craig

"From the first page, this novel pulls readers in and refuses to let go."

"A stark but humane look at the pressures that teenagers find themselves under when their homes fall apart - with fantasy elements creeping in the sides... Highly recommended for adventurous readers."
Inis, Children's Books Ireland

"A sinister story, full of magic and suspense"

"Gripping... A must read for all lovers of slightly fantastical urban fiction."
Jonas Herriot, librarian and chair, London's Youth Libraries Group